Donald Corwell

All over the south you can find memorials along the highways (probably all over the country). Usually these crosses are too small to read when you are driving at 70mph, but I’ve often wanted to stop and take a look. More often than not, these have some connection with the road they mark. Someone died in this place and these memorials take the very mundane stretch of pavement and pine and punctuates them with a reminder about life, death, and resurrection.

This memorial is just after the weigh station at mile 94 on I-26 West headed out of Columbia, SC.


The Sacred South

The Sacred South is my photo log of spaces in the American South that have been set aside for experiencing, communing, or acknowledging the transcendent in some way. I’m not really getting too specific here–all religions (or non-religions) are fair game.

The goal is simply to document the human need for an enchanted world and the longing for something transcendent in what Flannery O’Conner called the “Christ-haunted” south.

All posts will be under The Sacred South category here for now.