When the France-Korea game came on the other day, I was telling my kids how I felt there was something honorable about soccer teams who actually sing their own national anthem at the World Cup. Even when there is a mess at home, singing the anthem signals a love for the True, Good, and Beautiful, not an obsession with the mess. That’s the sort of athlete I am impressed with. (Here I’m talking about national athletes who are literally wearing the flag…the NFL is a different situation in my mind. I was supportive of Kaepernick and his compatriots)

So when Megan Rapinoe didn’t sing, I was a little peeved from the beginning. I have been out of it and hadn’t read her statement about Trump. After I did I was more peeved! Don’t let that guy ruin the World Cup too! Then they just ran over Thailand and everything left me feeling kinda sick about the win for the US. I didn’t really expect there to be a challenge from Thailand, but that score just felt gross from a team that can’t even sing their own national anthem. All the feelings I had when I was coaching U8’s, and the score was run up on us, starting to come back. I started to buy into the complaints about the 13-0 score.

But then a friend broke me on the floor, pulling apart my angst. It was only Rapinoe who didn’t sing, and when you put that away, the US did exactly what they should have done in a World Cup–score as many goals as possible and love doing it.

Rather than rehash my friend’s arguments (which he totally deserves credit for), I came across this article by Dan Wetzel which sums it up really well and leaves me with less to type.

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